Delia Koren

Product leader & UX manager


PolyAI Voice Experiences​

Product management, UX & Creative

A natural language understanding platform powered by AI.

Used by customer support operations to design and integrate conversational flows that deliver sophisticated voice and chat interactions with customers.

Virtual Assistant
in Outlook

Product management & UX

Microsoft's virtual assistant for outlook helps organise your emails and calendar.

It aggregates information so that you can find all the things in a particular context collated at one place. It highlights important information. And it helps you plan for your meetings in advance.

To-Do App
& Cortana

Design Sprint & Concept development

In Microsoft To-Do app, Cortana (Microsoft's virtual assistant) can help you stay on top of things, get things done and manage lists and reminders. 

This project aims to define the interaction model and to explore growth opportunities within the ecosystem. 

Microsoft Marketplace Service

Product & UX management

A service offered on Microsoft Azure to startups who own a product in the sharing economy space. It allows them to use an off the shelf solution for common components in this domain such as ranking, pricing and smart chat for customer support.

Bing Modern Search 

Concept development & UX

In this project I led the effort to transform 'Bing', Microsoft's search engine, into a service that offers an intelligent, task-completion oriented, and personal experience.

Through 'MyBing' we keep users up-to-date about things they care about and allow them to save things with purposes, like bookmarks, watch/read lists, interest folders and collect things for later use.


Concept development, Creative &

Art direction

“Doors” is an interactive communication platform that connects people, cities and cultures.

Through screens and webcams on the streets and in public points of interest, passersby can take a peek at other similar places around the world, and virtually connect with people 'from the other side'.

P.O.M MAC Cosmetics

Concept development & Production

P.O.M - point of makeup is a service offered by the makeup giant MAC cosmetics.

It allows woman (and man!) to purchase a subscription and enjoy personalised make up services on the go through makeup points located around the city. 


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